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Date : 04/04/2018
Subject : Notice regarding science-based article on 'Health'

Science Forum of P. K. College, Contai invites popular science-basedarticleon ‘Health’ in English / Bengali from students and faculty members for publication in the next issue of ‘BigyanBannhi’ which is a broad-scope journal dedicated to popularization of science and intended for general readers. As such, it is important that articles fulfill the following requirements:


  • They should be written with the intention that a general reader can clearly understand the aim, the broad interest in the subject and the significance of the facts / results.
  • Authors are requested to provide the background required for the general reader in the form of a general introduction.
  • The novelty and relevance in presentation with clear explanation of the new findings / innovative discussions related to some established facts / review in any specified field should be sufficient in bringing the work to the attention of the broad science community.
  • If your article is unsuitable for the scope of the journal, the editors will provide you with an early indication to avoid undue delay.


The manuscripts must be submitted only in soft copy ( to one of the following members (i) Dr. Arindam Roy, Department of Computer Science &Applications (ii) Dr. TithiMaity, Department of Chemistry within 15.05.2018.

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